Video Marketing Then, Now, and in the Future

Why are there so many bad videos? Just like anything, if it becomes easy and accessible, it will become bad. Though there are some wonderful and provocative videos out there, there is also a lot of junk. Video marketing and Search Engine Optimization is in this bizarre transition between utter chaos and comfortable settling in. Video content is the go-to place for marketers now because video content is far easier to make now than it has ever been. It is also the place to be because of the mobile boom, the proliferation of YouTube, and good-old fashioned desire to watch videos passively. The evolution in

Video Marketing Then and Now

Video marketing is chaotic because anyone and everyone can make a video. They can also infuse that video with some kind of potential to rise to the top. They can even make a living off their videos, which is where the “YouTube Sensation” angle of the industry comes from. Video marketing is settling, just a bit, onto stable ground. Firstly, video marketing is not solely on YouTube. Some people are realizing that YouTube is a somewhat confining platform for marketers who want to think a little outside-the-box. Further, people are realizing that videos just need to get better to have any kind of impact. It is estimated that over 100 years of content is uploaded every day to YouTube. It just isn’t enough to make a decent video. No one will see it.

Build a Longer Story or “Narrative”

It also helps to tell a longer story. It is happening with writing content. Writing content is getting longer. EBooks are dominating the field because it allows readers to have a long relationship with a writer and a message. Blog posts with parts and chapters are extremely successful and popular.

Video Marketing and a Digital Marketing Agency

A Digital Agency may be the only logical way to go in the future. A digital agency can fine-tune the content so it serves a purpose and has the SEO merit to back it up. An agency can make sure the content is not amateur and it is long and enriching. Most importantly, they can make sure the content services the brand.

A lot can be written on the topic. Perhaps a long video or an e-book may have the greater impact. Regardless, video is in an exciting place because many marketers are realizing what works and they are working in an area with unlimited possibility.


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